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Monday, July 2, 2012

Studio Enlightenment

Visiting Lita Judge's studio this week, the light coming in her north window brightened the space, adding illumination to her work. On the boards surrounding her drawing table, works in progress, works completed, and works in possibility shone in various stages of color. Her cat enjoyed the northern light and stretched along the window ledge, indulging in the afternoon calm. In her peace-filled space, I was pleased to read the folded and gathered version of Red Hat, a delightful sequel to the delightful Red Sled. Imagine what Bear and his friends do when they borrow the red hat from the boy's clothesline!


  1. What gorgeous windows!
    Red Sled is wonderful, and you've got me excited to read the sequel.

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  3. I love to think of you visiting all these beautiful spaces.

  4. Yours is a beautiful space, too, Joyce, and I look forward to learning more about your studio thoughts. Yours as well, David!