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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love in the Air

We're reading a romance this week, I tell the children. The boys groan. The girls smile. The teachers nod. It is by Sara Pennypacker, the same author who wrote Clementine, and it's called Pierre in Love. There are laughs when Pierre notes that even words that sound like his beloved Catherine's name delight him (like aspirin or bathroom) and that he is reminded of her by many things (sunrises, sunsets, and empty potato chip bags). Despite the mix-ups and missed opportunities, the ballet teacher and fisherman follow good advice: if you love someone, tell him or her!

I love so many people and shared love yesterday with chocolate raspberry linzer cookies :)

At the end on the story steps, all appear pleased when Catherine's and Pierre's hearts become one.


  1. I love this story, too! Sweet and moving without being overly sentimental. It would a close contender for my favorite book to read on Valentine's Day, along with SOMEBODY LOVES YOU, MR. HATCH.
    And thank you for making me a recipient of one of your DELICIOUS chocolate raspberry linzer cookies!

  2. Another one I must go look up! I am happy for the Valentine's gift of your friendship, library Jewel.