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Thursday, February 9, 2012

CTC Evening

Have you ever made plans and then wished you had not? I felt that way last night. Things during the day did not go as anticipated, and family life after that was equally disappointing. The last thing I felt like doing was heading downtown to an evening event. But the tickets had been paid. Two friends were planning to go with me.

Our destination was the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis, though we were not going to watch a play. Instead, author Gary Schmidt and CTC Artistic Director Peter Brosius would be conversing about the CTC's upcoming staging of Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy. From Peter's first question about Gary's writing studio (an out-building, heated by a woodstove) and his method of writing (1953 Royal typewriter; it slows him down), the evening was magical. Peter was an outstanding interviewer, and Gary told story after story about his work and his thoughts. It felt like we were witnessing a conversation, not an interview.

And then there was the thrill of seeing some of the cast members read a scene for us! The three of us made plans to attend the play (which runs March 13-April 8).

The CTC shares the building with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and we quietly opened the shared doors to view Dale Chihuly's sun before heading out to see the full moon, all of us glad we had come.


  1. Life has a way of handing us treats like this just when we need them, doesn't it? I'm so glad you went, and I'm so glad you enjoyed. And I'm not surprised that Gary Schmidt was fascinating to listen to. Maybe you'll tell me one or two of his tales when I stop by your school next week.

  2. I heard Gary speak at the Kerlan, but unfortunately he was speaking on an academic subject, not on his own work. Sounds as if your evening was magical and inspiring!

  3. I will send you both my notes. Not as good as being there, but you'll get a flavor of the conversation.