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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Elements Revisited

It is no surprise, I am certain, that I love bookstores. Not the large, chain types. I love my favorite independent bookshop on Grand Avenue (where children's and young adult books outnumber adult books by probably 4 to 1). For more than a quarter century I have loved the University Bookstore. Though it changed locations years ago from the underground spot in Williamson Hall to a more central location in Coffman Memorial Union, I still feel good wandering through the aisles and spaces. 

On my annual pre-holiday shopping visit to the University Bookstore, the display of Theodore Gray's Elements products caught my eye. The boys got the puzzle for Christmas, and I relearned the periodic table as the pieces were assembled. For the book version, see For visual learners, this is a far better tool to help with memorizing the elements than the table I used 27 years ago.


  1. if only there were more opportunities to absorb challenging knowledge by playing games.

  2. Terrific puzzle--I know a few young scientists that would enjoy it. And I am impressed that you managed to memorize this table as a student, Library Jewel.

  3. I wish we had had a chart of the elements like this when I was in high school chemistry!

  4. Think of Bananagrams, Brattcat! We have learned so many new words. I thought everyone had to memorize the periodic table, Joyce! I agree with you, David, that having it in high school would have made the memorization so much easier.