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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Studio Visits

On this teacher workday, I spent part of the afternoon in one of my favorite places: my friend Debra's studio. The first time I visited Debra Frasier's studio, I was slightly nervous. The elevator to the third floor is a bit old. The hallways are a bit maze-like. Once inside the door, I felt instant comfort. The bookcases filled with titles that inspire her art and shape her story development line the walls. Large sheets of Canson paper in a rainbow of colors are tacked onto corkboard on one wall. Binders of each book's curriculum and programs fill another shelf. The current book's artwork and is hung, displayed, and strewn about the place. And the reminders of past books make me this wooden spoon puppet from The Incredible Water Show.

In our first collaborative effort, we staged the book as a play three different ways with fifth graders from my school: one with miniature box theatres, one with puppets of various sizes, and one with human characters in costume. It was a grand project with fabulous results! How good it feels to visit a familiar place and savor the memories held there!


  1. and how wonderful for us to be taken along for the visit.

  2. Visiting an artist's studio can be so inspiring! I've had that happen to me with a number of my illustrating friends. I'll cross my fingers that someday I can add Debra's studio to the places I've visited.

  3. I agree; a visit to a creator's space is always inspiring. These places seem to hum with hidden magic.