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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Caldecott Committees

The third graders gathered in groups of four with a decade of Caldecott Medal books this afternoon. Using the book pass method, they perused each book for 90 seconds, briefly taking in the story but focusing more on the artwork. The books passed from hand to hand around the table until each child had seen each book. Then, they debated amongst themselves which book of their decade was the most distinguished. I heard things comments like these

* I think the artist used watercolor here. See how it spreads along the trees. - about The Funny Little Woman illustrated by Blair Lent
* Each of us likes a different book best! How will we decide? - about Officer Buckle and Gloria, Tuesday, Rapunzel, and Snowflake Bentley from the 1990s
* Some of these books have the same style. - about Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and Duffy and the Devil from the 1970s

Next session each group will share their most distinguished book and their reasons for choosing it - and we will all know the 2012 Caldecott books!


  1. How great it is that your students get to be the "committee". How much they'll learn about each other, their own tastes, and the difficulty of choosing a winner!

  2. the best committee of all. can't wait to hear their decisions. beautiful tile image here.

  3. The mosaic art is from the floor at the Massachusetts State House, Brattcat.

    You're exactly right, Joyce. Their arguments for certain books have been so succinct for nine-year-olds! Some committees have no problem picking a winning.

  4. Love the student involvement - this will remain with them - and you, too, eh?