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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inhabiting My Thoughts

I love how it feels to be so immersed in a book that I do not want it to end, to dream of the characters and places, to wish they were my neighbors so I could get to know them even better. In the case of Helen Frost's Diamond Willow, that would have me living in Alaska near a young girl named Willow who loves to drive her family's sled dogs.

Telling all the things that make this book wonderful is not possible. Really. After reading the jacket copy, the summary statement, and hearing a bit from my teaching partner, I still was not prepared for the well-told, magical story. Written in diamond-shaped with a poetic tone, the story contains hidden messages within those poems (in the form of bold-face words that present another glimpse into Willow's thoughts). Her ancestors (in the form of a spruce hen and a dog) and her friends' ancestors provide commentary and insights as their spirits (in animal characters) guide her. There are secrets unveiled, understandings communicated, and relationships solidified in unlikely ways.

It is a lovely book, one that I will buy for myself as I know I want to read it again and savor Helen Frost's words.


  1. this sounds so fresh, so original, so creative. and i love the image you've chosen to accompany this recommendation. thank you.

  2. Interestingly, Brattcat, it was published in 2008. I missed it somehow. It's the title I want to read aloud to you and Mr. Brattcat next time.

  3. Truly an exceptional book. I always marvel at how Helen Frost uses challenging poetic forms and makes them seem so effortless; the voices so real.