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Monday, January 23, 2012

Award Day

The live webcast of the ALA Youth Media Awards held our attention this morning in the library office, but typical Monday morning problems kept us from listening completely. We cheered for Balloons Over Broadway, Melissa Sweet's multi-layered, filled-with-facts book about Tony Sarg, the puppeteer who created the Macy's parade balloons. What a perfect choice to receive the Sibert Medal! We cheered again when our personal favorite, John Rocco's Blackout, received a Caldecott Honor Medal; the students have loved that book since we read it aloud earlier this year and were hoping it would win today. Our third cheer came for Eugene Yelchin's Breaking Stalin's Nose!

The third grade Caldecott committees have been deliberating and debating about their book selections and choices. Some are adamant that the book they have selected is the best, citing very appropriate and detailed reasons to support the choice. When all the voting and decisions are done, their award recipients might be surprising!


  1. Love that the students get involved in this each year!

  2. Do we get to hear what the third graders chose for their favorite(s)?