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Saturday, November 2, 2013


The Science Museum of Minnesota is hosting Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, an exhibit featuring what archaeologists know about one the most civilized of ancient cultures. I appreciated many things about the exhibit, especially their number system (which I want to practice - They built extraordinary pyramids without machinery and commonly used implements. Their glyphs have been studied and interpreted by archaeologists and can be found all over their structures and artwork. And, they created codices, few of which survive due to decisions made by Spanish monks in the 1500s to burn them because of their promotion of the devil and evil spirits. Two are on display, and they are both fragile and intricate. If you live in the area, take time to visit the exhibit...and be sure to create your own name Maya name (and then your personal Stela based on your Gregorian birth date).

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  1. Very fascinating, & in keeping with my Theme of the Day, I guess: A mystery...