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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Someday Lists

Yesterday's discussion about book logs prompted today's mini-lesson with third graders: the someday list. The books you want to read someday, sooner or later. My someday list is several pieces. Part of it is housed on My Account on the public library's website. This was a fascinating thing to the children, especially when I told them they could do the same thing! Another part of my list is in my small, ruled Moleskine. Those titles get added when a friend shares a book title or when I find something interesting at the bookshop. Still another part of my list does not even take a list form. The reviews in professional magazines (some starred, others marked with a question mark) prompt me to make reading decisions.

My friend and teaching collaborator took photos of the piles of books on her bedside table and explained the hierarchy of the stacks. She revealed something that made me consider my lists and piles. Some books always get moved to the bottom, those we just cannot seem to start for whatever reason. 

What methods do you use to keep a someday list?

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  1. Unfortunately at this time my Someday List is longer than my Reading at the Moment List. I have a small Moleskine too. But I mix the Read verses To Read titles. What I found helpful for the Somedays is to make a note of where I heard about it & why it attracts me. I wonder if you have a Good Reads account. I don't, but do enjoy reading reviews there. PS The photo is Paris? I don't recognize the monument ...