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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moo? Moo! Moo.

As I scrunched into the only floor space left at the Red Balloon Bookshop yesterday afternoon, I beamed in wonder as Mike Wohnoutka and David LaRochelle talked about their book Moo! Besides being friends and members of the same writing critique group, the two are also excellent at presenting together. David began with the idea for a one word story and how LONG he waited for a response from an editor who initially wanted to publish the book. Mike talked about how he had decided to try a different style in 2010 and was approached by David about creating the artwork for Moo! Seeing all the color labels for his paint shades for the artwork made me smile, thinking of treasures like that in the form of color studies in the Kerlan Collection (my favorite being Don Freeman's work on Corduroy). Mike and David told stories of their joint work, relayed a few little-known secrets about the book, and delighted the audience with the humor of the cow's expression and the complementary artwork. David ended by asking if Moo! really was a one-word book. Observant audience members noted there are actually six words!  I am glad I get to hear the presentation again when they team up for a Family Reading Night event at school in November!


  1. What is the Kerlan Collection? Will get Moo!.
    New picture book that my local librarian here loves: Sohpie's Squash. Also, a picture book that I love: Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown.

  2. Having you in the audience for our publication party made the event all that more special, Library Jewel. Thank you for your friendship and helping us celebrate our book.

  3. The Kerlan Collection houses thousands of manuscripts and artwork from children's books. My favorite files are those from Don Freeman's CORDUROY. It is in the Andersen Library on the University of Minnesota's West Bank campus.