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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comforting Words

Tonight's publication party for Joyce Sidman and her new book What the Heart Knows was a celebration of comfort. Those in attendance brought poems to share, held rocks specially selected by our friend Debra Frasier for the occasion, and enjoyed cookies and milk (probably the best pair of comfort foods). Most important, we listened to choice tell the stories behind the origins of several of the books blessings, charms, and chants, marveling at her gift of choosing and arranging words in just the right ways. 


  1. Just lovely, a collection of comfort words...Sigh...Words can bring us powerful spiritual messages & support...

  2. Sounds like a stimulating evening!

    Haven't been commenting lately because of a real pain in ithe neck. Meds not working yet. Computer and keyboard posture difficult, but I'll be back--don't go away!