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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Following Directions

Last night my friend and I began a small knitting project, one that was designed to use up the tiny bits of leftover yarn (of which we have many). We thought these tiny bunnies would be quick to make. As we began reading the pattern, both of us became skeptical. The directions made no sense. Something was certainly missing. We tried a few rows. Still uncertain. So, we sought more information from others. Interestingly, many knitters expressed the same concern on blogs. All were assured to just follow the directions; things would work out right. And they did...just not as speedily as we anticipated.

The lesson, of course, is to stay on track, to follow those directions as they are written, and to trust that the final product will match the pattern.

The pattern can be found at


  1. Wouldn't these make wonderful Easter gifts?!

  2. Very cute...knowing me, I would have decided part way through to just create my own version of the pattern!

    Do go see my note on your previous post...

  3. Brattcat is involved in a great project via Haiti. It's the only real knitting I like. hahahaha