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Monday, July 1, 2013

Book Choices

For this trip, I took only one book with me (Albro Martin's James J. Hill and the Opening of the Northwest), knowing there are plenty of choices on the shelves in my friends' home which I can read. I sought out the advanced reader's copy of Sharon Creech's new book The Boy on the Porch (and am almost done with that) but have enjoyed two books on the coffee table. A book entitled Wisdom contains thoughts from Indian Masters and is held open to the correct day by the magnificent turquoise snail. Beneath Cold Seas by David Hall contains incredible images of things found in the Pacific Northwest's underwater places.

Today's wisdom comes from Rabindranath Tagore:
"It is necessary that this be the aim of our entire life. In all of our thoughts and actions, we must be conscious of the infinite."


  1. we are infintely grateful for your presence in our lives.

  2. Oh, you're visiting; what fun! I toured Tagore's house in Calcutta in the '80's; that was fun, too.