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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sneak Peak


This morning's work session stretched into the afternoon hours as three teachers and one author/illustrator worked to photograph a book and create a slide show of its pages. The goal was to display the double-page spreads without having to splice them together while also showing each of the flaps and what was underneath it. Thankfully, four brains came up with creative ways to solve problems, capture images, and assemble them. So, we used an iPad mini on a music stand to photographs the spreads (that were resting on the piano bench) and a camera to zoom in on the flaps. Photoshop was the tool for sizing the spreads to perfectly span the PowerPoint slides. It is turning out to be just as we imagined!

Thanks to David LaRochelle for trusting three of his teacher friends to help with this project! Arlo's ARTrageous Adventure! is the first book for which he is both the author and illustrator!


  1. i love to hear the details of creative problem solving. Congratulations to David.

  2. Can't wait to see this book! How lucky David is to have such creative friends.

  3. I agree, Joyce, I AM lucky to have such creative friends, who so generously give of their time and talents. I could have never done this project on my own. I'm looking forward to sharing this book later this summer.