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Friday, June 21, 2013

Research for All

At an appointment yesterday, the other person and I discussed our casually careers and what they entail. She said, "Well as the librarian, you must teach computer." I tried to explain how being a librarian means so much more than "teaching computer." I read aloud from books that engage listeners. I help readers find the right books for their needs and wants. I teach them how to find information. "Oh, you mean they do research in elementary school?" Yes. They love to find information about interesting topics. So do I.

Last week I joined my friend Joyce for a walk and was elated to discover that one of the Cecropia moths she was tending had emerged just prior to my arrival. I had so many questions about the moths and was fascinated by the one I observed. I came home and did research about them.

Joyce posted this lovely journal about the process at her website:


  1. Such a great day; thank you for being as excited as I was about this big, beautiful moth!

  2. what an amazing experience. joyce must have felt like a midwife.

  3. You are the quintessential librarian, Jewel! Interesting that some people don't know the richness of it all...That is a masterpiece of a moth!

  4. Such beautiful photos. I bet Joyce has written a poem about this species.

    And yes, a librarian means much more than 'teaching computer.' I've seen you in action and know that you offer individual encouragement and affirmation, and foster a love of books and reading, among many other things, such as teaching kids to think.

  5. Joyce visited one of my two schools earlier this year; she was wonderful. How awesome to have spent time with her in nature.