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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Running Stories

Yesterday morning I talked about books while running a 5K route with kids and parents to raise funds for a new school playground. As we ran through the neighborhoods connected to our school, we chatted about what to read this summer, books borrowed from the public library (since the school library is closed for inventory), and what we love about summertime reading. One fabulous dad was the finish-line announcer, and he called out each person's name as they ran under the sparkly, blue banner. Children and adults high-fived each other under a blue sky (that had been gray and rainy all week). It was a glorious day to run and talk about books.

On my way home, I passed this red-winged blackbird who seems to be telling stories every day from the same dried cattail stalk!


  1. You ran AND chatted. Strong woman!

  2. i'd be a listener only at such an event because i'd never have the breath to talk. and i'd be lucky to finish before sundown at the rate i "run".but it would be nice to end the day with a good book recommended by one of my fellow runners.

  3. Like brattcat, I probably wouldn't be able to run *and* talk at the same time, but would be happy to listen. And I see a red-winged blackbird every day now, out on the pond!

  4. What a glorious community day you had, a combination of some of your passions!! I remember how amazed I was the first time I saw a red-wing blackbird on a cattail at a nearby marsh...Greetings to you, Jewel!