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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Killer Librarian

My yoga class meets at 5:20 on Thursdays, and most of the women in the class are educators. There is a sense of peaceful relief at 6:20 when class ends, but prior to 5:20, the discussion usually centers on books and learning. Last week, one person commented that it would be nice just to talk with each other for an hour! I did take one book recommendation from that class, and I am almost done with Mary Lou Kirwin's Killer Librarian.

Karen Nash is a Minnesota librarian who goes on a journey to London despite having been dumped by her boyfriend of four years the night prior to departure. At the airport, her recent ex and his new, much younger, much thinner, blond girlfriend are also there! Alas, she is saved by being in first class and can only ruminate over her anger. Once there, she stays at the B & B she booked and is befriended by Caldwell, the owner. While having a few pints at a local pub (something Karen has never done in her life), she confesses her secret desire to murder Dave, that awful ex. Little does she know, that guy named Guy has connections with the seedier crowd.

There is just something about this playful murder mystery that has kept me reading the past two days...perhaps it is all the literary connections or perhaps the thickening plot and incriminating evidence are teasing my deducitve mind.

I did note that the author is also known as Mary Logue, writer of the lovely Caldecott Honor Book Sleep Like a Tiger!


  1. Oh, I think that I'll try to reserve that one at the library! Your photo today is lovely! RE. your comment on my blog about grandparents'day; no we didn't visit classrooms. There were so many grandparents there that it would have disrupted the whole school, I think. When she lived closer to us and when her school was in our neighborhood I often went to her classrooms. I miss that!

  2. love the photo you chose to accompany this delightful teaser. sounds like a fun romp of a who done it.

  3. I haven't read Mary Logue's mysteries, but this spurs me on to do it!

  4. I so wish I was a mystery reader, but sad to say, no. ButI understand how mysteries keep folks moving on quickly to find out who dunnit. Killer Librarian, fun concept & I too adore the photos. Happy reading, R.