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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fish Stories

Despite more snow in Minnesota and Wisconsin, fishing enthusiasts hope to find open water for the fishing openers in the coming two weekends. At school, listeners have been eager to share their own fishing stories after hearing David Shannon's latest book JANGLES: A BIG FISH STORY. Hands separate by expanding inches as children tell about the crappie/bluegill/northern pike/walleye they caught.

Jangles is a supposedly uncatchable trout, nabbed by the narrator's father. The fish got its name from the many lures and hooks embedded in its mouth over the years, tingling and jangling to signal the fish's arrival. When finally caught, the famous fish transports the fisherboy to its underwater cave and tells amazing stories (which the boy incredulously understands). In the end, though the boy snags the fish, they strike a deal. The boys agrees to let the fish go, and the fish requests the removal of all those lures and hooks. The last page displays an open tackle box.

It is the perfect story to read aloud as the fishing season draws close.

Note: the snow missed us by about 12 miles today. This photo was taken last week.

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  1. oh, when will spring ever arrive there? it is so, so beautiful here. how i wish i could share it with you.