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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Halving and Doubling

The buds and blossoms are on doubling each day on my neighbor's magnolia bush, slowly dominating the branches and tips.

In the library, we are reading Matthew McElligott's book THE LION'S SHARE. It subtitle is excellent: A TALE OF HALVING CAKE AND EATING IT, TOO. When Ant is invited to a dinner party hosted by Lion, she can hardly believe it. But when she observes the atrocious manner displayed by the other guest (like Beetle, Tortoise, Warthog, Hippo, and Elephant), she wonders about their behavior. Lion quietly watches, too. Then it is time for dessert. Elephant slices the cake in half and passes it on to others; each animal halves it, leaving only crumbs for Ant. Unable to share those with Lion, Ant offers to bake a strawberry sponge cake for the king. Not to be outdone, each of the others offers to double the offer, resulting in 256 cakes peanut butter pound cakes promised by Elephant.

I love how this book incorporates fractions and multiplication in a captivating story about getting along well with others. The children's reactions to the other animals' arrogant ways was strong. Like me, they loved the mr. McElligott's watercolor artwork.

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