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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rare Reading and Rest

My husband and I have been sitting in our comfortable library chairs, mugs of Blueberry Fields tea in our hands, books on our laps. Ahh. The semi-quiet house (wind still whooshes outside and the furnace blasts warm air every so often) lends itself to our chosen positions and activities.

But despite a good night's sleep, I might switch to the window seat, my favorite place for an afternoon nap. For a while, I hope to continue the fascinating book DREAMLAND by David Randall. I feel like this guy has interviewed me about sleep, and he is doing a great job of helping me understand the science of sleep. Perhaps just reading it will guide my mind and body to better ways of sleeping.


  1. let me know if you unlock the mystery to a good night's sleep.

  2. ... me too. I've got to get the TV out of the bedroom first. Maybe I'll dream more then.

  3. I have to get this book, sleep fascinates me so! That is so sweet, that a librarian & her husband have "library chairs" at home...My fellow & I love to sit across from one another, & simply, quietly, read...

  4. So far, no sleep revelations. Just theory. Somehow I always sleep better on Friday and Saturday nights!