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Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Heart is Like a Zoo

I love the idea of setting limits for oneself in the creation of something. A color palette when quilting. A font design when writing. A set of words within a poem or story. Michael Hall set a goal to create the animals in his first book using heart shapes, and the result is heartfelt and thoughtful. We got our young reader friends got a signed copy for Christmas, and they wanted to read it right away. Our next project will be making our own heart-shaped critters, after they see Michael's catchy video at


  1. my heart is like a smile, looking at these images.

  2. I love all of the above ideas! & I agree that limits can spark creativity. Tomorrow I'm starting a weeklong class called The Picture Book! I'm supposed to have produced a Dummy book at the end of the week. So far I have a million ideas or none! We shall see what happens!

  3. Michael's book is clever AND beautiful! What a perfect book to share as we head towards Feb 14.
    When I've taught classes on creativity, one of the strategies we use "give yourself restrictions." It's surprising that by limiting yourself, you often come up with more creative ideas, when it seems like the opposite would be true. I first learned this technique in a drawing class in college, where the instructor encouraged us to make self-imposed restrictions (use only two colors, etc.).
    And good luck with your Picture Book class, Sketchbook Wanderer!