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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh, No!

Reading a new book while eating a warm chocolate chip cookie (after kicking a soccer ball in the leaves) is the perfect way to spend a fall afternoon according to "the kids" (my cherished neighbor children). Candace Fleming's latest picture book Oh, No! (illustrated with fabulous relief prints by Eric Rohmann) just came in on reserve, and they were engrossed from the first "Ribbit-oops!" uttered by Frog as he fell into the deep, deep hole. They tracked the tiger as Mouse (Pippa-eeek!), Loris (Soo-slooow!), Sun Bear (Grab on!), and Monkey (Wheee-haaaa!) all ended up in the hole (Oh, no!) and loved when the earth shook (Ba-boom!) as a jungle creature came to their rescue. They immediately wanted to re-read it. This time, when we got to the bumble-rumble of the ground, my two-year-old friend said, "Here's where the elephant arrives!"


  1. I love thinking of you with those lucky neighbor children!

  2. i love how they are both in physical contact with you, as if you are conveying the book to them with sound, with sight, and with touch, too.