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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back in Time

Since graduating 27 years ago, I have not been inside my high school...until Friday afternoon. My son and I toured with a friend, and I am astounded with how familiar it felt, even with the additions and changes. I remembered room locations, teachers' offices (though only a few remain as staff members), and where my friends' lockers were located. Most importantly, I remembered the library in the middle of the third floor with windows all around the top edge to let in natural light. Except for glass panes where the open entrance used to be, it looks almost the same. It was still filled with students, and the librarian (now married) is the same.

With modular scheduling, my high school days contained 20-minute pockets of time to spend doing what needed to be done - or socializing with friends. My chosen safe haven was the library. I was glad to see it bustling with students and especially glad to talk with the librarian (who remembered me, by the way). I asked about circulation and what goes out most frequently. "Without a doubt, the Riordan books," she told me. Interestingly, Rick Riordan's books are high on our elementary circulation list as well!

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  1. and now you create a safe haven in your own library and years from now students will come back and relive the happy moments spent in your presence.