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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's a...

Giggles and shouts echoed in my library last night as my second kids (as my sons call the young neighbor kids who have captured our hearts with their love of stories) listened to David LaRochelle's soon-to-be-released book It's a Tiger! Jeremy Tankard's jewel-like illustrations give just a hint of the tiger who invades a young boy's explorations, but the kids noticed the orange-and-black tail (or body) every time, even when the tiger is donned in a sea captain's garb. They chorused, "A Tiger!" every time, too. I laughed at their giggles and savored the sparkles in their eyes. Thanks to David for bringing me a copy! From this first read-aloud experience, I know it will be a favorite selection when I share it with students in September.


  1. It certainly is good to have a few enthusiastic youngsters to test the new stories.

  2. It makes me very happy to hear that this reading of IT'S A TIGER! went over so well with your young neighbors. And as I wrote in my inscription, thank you for your good advice as I was working on the revisions for this book. I so appreciated hearing your feedback as I contemplated changes.

  3. haha, clever image to illustrate this post.