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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creativity Shared

At Brad and Kim's Butterfly Birthday Party on Sunday, numerous opportunities for creative expression engaged attendees. Children in the basement were writing messages to the monarchs that could only be seen with ultra-violet light. Other children were planning and performing puppet shows in the front yard. At a table under the trees, people of all ages were fashioning monarch crowns (see one modeled above). On the deck, several adults alternately chatted and concentrated while designing scratchboard butterflies. Later, we agreed that the need for creative expression feeds our souls, just as the milkweed leaves nourishes the caterpillars. All the jars behind us held caterpillars, milkweed leaves, and chrysalises.


  1. This looks and sounds like a tip top party!

  2. What a great afternoon, whose memories will keep me warm when winter returns. The butterflies that both of you made in the above photo were truly works of art.

  3. that's such an interesting way of looking at it...that the NEED for creative expression feeds our souls. thank you for giving me something fascinating to contemplate today. and for sending it on butterfly wings.