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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I awoke this morning in my own bed, my head atop the symphony pillow case made by a friend (to promote sweet dreams). As I ran up and down my favorite hills on the usual morning route, organized things at home, and read books, trying to reacclimate myself to home, my thoughts drifted back to Vermont.

Over the past few years, my fascination with reflections has grown. I love the ones captured on film and digitally and especially the others kept in my mind (with some regret that no camera was available to capture them). The reflection of sky and trees on Ice Pond in the Brattleboro Retreat Trails was so perfect that it appears I am looking up, not down.

How wonderful it was to spend a relaxing week with my dear friends! I loved walking each morning up and down the hilly streets, sampling "black caps" (what we would call black raspberries) and mulberries (from a tree in the park). I loved looking at the unique gables of old homes. I loved visiting the hardware store on Main Street several times and looking at the countless unique kitchen gadgets. I loved walking by the library several times a day - and going inside it as well. I loved seeing Rudyard Kipling's home named Naulakha (now a Landmark Trust property). I loved watching the Independence Day Parade and seeing how so many diverse groups came together to celebrate our country's freedom. I loved reading aloud each night from The Wednesday Wars, a book my friends had never heard, and marveling together at the characters and how expertly Gary Schmidt weaves Shakespeare into the text. Most of all, I loved talking, analyzing, theorizing, wondering, understanding, and listening with my friends. I returned home more reflective, still seeking to know more of myself, but feeling confident that I am on the path.

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  1. It was our privilege to walk part of that path with you. Thank you for sharing yourself, for your openness to all the quiet pleasures of our life, thank you for a week of wonder, wander, and wednesday wars. We miss you and hope you'll return soon. Love from the Brattcats.