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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comparing Notes

Local librarians from various institutions gathered at my home last night to hear stories shared by children's author Anne Rockwell. She regaled us with amazing tales of her past experiences, and all in attendance felt honored to spend time with her.

Around the tables, conversations inevitably focused on book budgets, the use of eBooks by patrons, how to handle eBook circulation, programming for children and families, the increased use of libraries by the public, and the importance of literacy. Though technology skills are essential for getting through society's information avenues, overwhelming agreement echoed that we must continue to read aloud to our users, must recommend the best books for the readers, and must take time to make eye contact, listen, and share.

As we finished the meal with Kim's beautiful fruit cups, Maggie's shortbread cookies, and my condo cake, sighs of pleasure resonated in my library. The perfect end to a night of compared notes.


  1. Sounds like a great gathering - and those are beautiful fruit cups.

  2. My boys grew up with Rockwell books, and I still love them. And I agree with Sharon: the fruit cups are stunning!

  3. What a luscious display of berries! I wish I could have been there to eavesdrop on the conversation...and sample all the treats (especially the condo cake!).

  4. We had a librarian at our table last night (yup, S.K.) and crowned the meal with delicious peanut-butter brownies...thank you very much. It's nice to think about all of you gathering in your library and eating those luscious fruit cups and the amazing condo cake and talking, talking, talking books.