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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fan Club

A mystery package arrived at my house today from the Extended Shelf Life Fan Club. It was the first I had heard about the group, and in my anticipation, I broke one of my own rules and not only opened the mailing envelope but also the package inside it wrapped in "Happy Birthday" paper. I never open a gift prior to my actual birthday.

Imagine my elation when I discovered The Story of May, that out-of-print picture book I have longed to have for many years. I have held it in my hands, read it, had my youngest take a photo of it in my hands, looked through it, and reread it. As I journey through the story and illustrations, I remember the many things I love about this book: little May's guidance from her mother, April, and Aunt June, the way she loves to welcome the birds and sprinkle flower blossoms, Uncle July's direction of insect and bird songs, the eventual meeting of her father, December (who has cocoa for her), and the personified kite who is her cousin March. Many of the things I love and value in life are in this book: hospitality, service, appreciation of nature, beauty of nature, and the change of seasons. The smile on my face makes my cheeks rise and hour after opening it!

My husband has already confirmed it was not him who sent the gift. The boys were as surprised as I was! They looked at the postmark to discover the sender. No such luck. I am grateful, dear Fan Club, for this most cherished book in "the loveliest month of all." Thank you.

The character months in the story "stay where they belong. And because the earth is round and always turning, we visit each of the months every year, year after year, the way one does with family, or dear old friends."


  1. I wish I could take credit (I'm certainly a member of your fan club). Whoever it was, I bow to them for finding a perfect gift for 'The Jewel'.

  2. The thoughtfulness of your fans is a reflection of how much we think of you...and your own thoughtfulness. I'm glad someone gifted you with such a meaningful book, the way that you bestow books on so many others. Like brattcat, I'm a big fan, but not the mysterious gift giver. Happy one-day-early birthday!

  3. Well, me neither, but I say, Long Live the ESLFC! We are all your fans, Julie.