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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rain Books

On most Tuesdays and Thursdays a friend and retired teacher comes to the library to shelve picture books. She also brings treats, assorted posters, book donations, articles, and good cheer. The readers always notice when she has been there. Many more books than usual grace the tops of the shelves, often titles that previously have been not noticed. In fact, she often does experiments, displaying certain titles to see if they will get selected by readers!

Today, after I finished reading a chapter book aloud to a third grade information literacy class, one especially observant boy wanted me to look at the shelf above the D-E books where my friend most definitely set three books together. "Look," he pointed. "The first book show the rain, the second book shows the girls ready for it, and the last one is when they get to play in it." I wonder if those bookswill be in a line tomorrow or in a reader's backpack.

The books are Rain by Peter Spier, Come On, Rain by Karen Hesse, and Squish!: A Wetland Walk by Nancy Luenn.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of these books, which do such a good job of channeling a child's joy in the bounty of rain!

  2. I certainly would rejoice in rain rather than the snowflakes that fell this morning!

  3. How nice, your volunteer creating displays that attract the children. I did a rain theme for the French story time recently, with a preschool group. I JUST saw "It's Raining, It's Pouring", the Peter Paul & Mary song version, illustrated by 1 of my favorites, Christine Davenier. She also has "I Love the Rain" but it seemed too abstract for my group. I love Hesse's "Come On, Rain".