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Sunday, April 13, 2014

At the Library

I live and work in the same community, so it is inevitable that I see students and families wherever I go. Yesterday I went to my public library to pick up nine books I had reserved. Near the checkout stations, two brothers greeted me, each with a stack of audiobooks in their arms. I asked what they were listening to, and they showed me various Diary of a Wimpy Kid titles, The BFG, and a 39 Clues title. The third grade brother then said, "And what is in your pile?" I showed him, loving that he reciprocated and really seemed to care. The fifth grade brother told me they listen to the CDs while doing various projects. "If only we could listen and read another book at the same time!" True readers, those two boys.

When their dad joined us, we talked about having them be test subjects for the newly purchased digital audiobooks in our school library collection. I have created accounts for them and look forward to their feedback about listening on their family's iPad.


  1. A wonderful moment for everyone. What luck to bump into them!!

  2. They must be sooooo excited! Small town/community connections are so heartwarming. Is that your bookshelf? I love many of those. We'll be reading Granny Torelli for our next family book group. We read the BFG last time. I love the dream parts & the BFG & Sophie, hate the cruel rather violent parts.Our girls were disturbed too, but it made for good discussion.