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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cat Books #1

While pursuing the shelves in search of Inga Moore's The House in the Woods, I discovered her book Six-Dinner Sid, published back in 1991 in th U.S. Sid is a sleek, black cat with a bit more cunning than the average cat. Sid's antics and Moore's timing make this an excellent book to read aloud.

Sid lived on Aristotle Street, at Number One Aristotle Street, to be exact. But..."He also lived at number two, number three, number four, number give, and number six." At each house Sid enjoyed a different dinner each evening. One night, his six dinners included chicken, fish, lamb, liver, more fish, beef and kidney stew (groans from the elementary audience at the mention of eating kidney, of course).

In those six residences, Sid had six names and personalities to accompany them: Scaramouche, Bob, Mischief, Sally, Sooty, Schwartz. He had six places he loved to be scratched and six different beds. Only when he comes down with a cough does the living situation become problematic. Six visits to the vet = six spoonfuls of medicine (more groans from the audience). Though the vet figures out what Sid has been doing, smart Sid moved to Pythagoras Place, where he lived at number one, number two, number three, number four, number five, and number six. Those neighbors understood the situation. "And, because everyone knew, nobody minded."

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  1. I never saw this book, sounds like you all enjoyed it! I love her refined, detailed, yet soft illustrations. I have 2 of her treasures: her versions of Wilde's The Canterville Ghost & of Graham's The Wind in the Willows.
    Is this kitty one who has dinner at your residence?