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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Last week I left my house on the quiet street where I like to watch the birds and traveled to a new place: Crater Lake National Park. In the afternoons, after hiking to the tops of peaks and along the lake's rim, I would sit in the lodge - or on the veranda - and read. Far from home, I saw things I had never imagined (like a 45' log called the Old Man floating vertically in the clear blue lake) and found cozy spots. Still, I was glad to come home to my home and routines.

The brave chicken who goes on a big adventure in Anna Walker's book Peggy leaves her small house on a quiet street quite unexpectedly when a gust of wind carries her away with leaves and twigs. Going  for a walk in the big city, she saw things she had never before seen, tasted new things, and found a cozy spot. But she missed her home, and none of the people she asked for directions could understand her. In a lovely twist of fate, she is led how by sunflowers and pigeons, the very things she loves in her yard! 

The ink and photo collage illustrations are charming, especially the spreads of Peggy doing her everyday things in the yard (including bouncing on the trampoline). Readers will enjoy observing her shopping experiences and the ways she moved unobtrusively through the city and transportation system, as well as her delight in telling her friends of her adventures.

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  1. I love picturing you reading wherever you are, wherever you go...I love how you find personal & parallel themes in the books you read...So nice to travel, so nice to be home, yes?