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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Stingy Baker

My friend David LaRochelle inscribed my copy of The Stingy Baker (written by Janet Greerson) like this:

"To Julie who is NEVER a stingy baker!"

It is the story of a baker named Jan Van Amsterdam and his unwillingness to properly share his baked goods. He refused to give his son young son more than broken cookies. He sold dozen upon dozen of little-boy cookies with raisin eyes and angel-shaped cookies. When he refuses to add an angel cookie to the twelve requested by a mysterious woman, strange things begin to happen. Jan Van's cookies disappear. His bread floated away up the chimney. Only when he gives the woman a real baker's dozen does his luck change!

David created the artwork for the book (published in 1990) by making linoleum block prints and adding watercolor for accents. It was his first of many books, and he bestowed the original Stingy Baker upon us as a gift. 

Today when we picked up a piece of framed artwork, I brought an extra-large chocolate chip cookie to my favorite and trusted framer, Tim. The Stingy Baker now hangs in the kitchen.


  1. I adore this picture & the story, which sounds like a magical folk tale!! Love how you passed on the good spirit to the framer. Your story is sweet, for sure!

  2. I have been the recipient of so many wonders from your oven over the years, Julie. You have made my days much happier than you'll ever know with your delicious gifts of cookies and brownies.