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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Natural Disasters

The most frequently asked question of the librarians is this:

Can you help me find a book about _______________?

Often the blank is filled in with dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, or dinosaurs. Besides animals, natural disasters rank high on the list of interests, tornado books being very popular. While watching "Tornado Alley" at the Omnitheater this afternoon, I wished all those children could view the film and experience the powerful storms through the camera's lens. The goal, according to the film's director, Sean Casey, was to discover details about tornado genesis by surrounding the storm with various tracking devices. He wanted to make visible the unseen architecture of the storms and share with others "one of the visual wonders of the world."

If the film comes to your area, I encourage you to view it.


  1. Yes, it is good to experience a storm on place to see it.

  2. it sounds amazing. i hope the opportunity presents itself.

  3. The film sounds amazing, Jewel. It seems that these natural events will take on new meanings for young people as they seem to be more prevalent & happen in more locations than they used to. The Wizard of Oz influenced my feeling about tornados when I was a young person: that feeling being FEAR. What I enjoy is that you, as an educator, are thinking: "How I wish my students could view this" when seeing something that impresses you.