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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surprise Reader in the Aisle

When my sons were in elementary school, they stayed after school until we could all walk home together. I loved finding them after school hours reading on the floor between the shelves. Those images of intense concentration remain in my mind.

Last night my son and I were at Target. I always walk through the book aisles to see what titles they are selling and what new books pique my interest. As I turned the corner to the chapter book offerings, a pair of extended legs met my glance. Upon closer inspection of the head, I recognized one of my students. "Oh, hi," he greeted me with a smile and strong eye contact. His book stayed open. Clearly, he wanted to keep reading. What are you reading? I asked. "Percy Jackson," he replied. His mom and sisters joined us, giving him the opportunity to get back to the book.

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